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My name is Nitin Subramanian, currently residing in Coonoor.

I always try to carry the thought "BE(lieve) THE(re) (is) GOOD (in the world)" 💖 with the focus on cherishing the Positive Values that we create in everything we try to do.

I am an Education Volunteer by choice and I've been supporting several NGOs with their educational activities in and outside the Nilgiri District. You can learn more about me in my Professional Profile

Some of My current Volunteering initiatives are

- Fundraising to help a school completed child become a 3+ year graduate by helping them with Fees and Virtual Employability Career Training until they get a Job for students in 3 cities within Tamil Nadu through Team Everest NGO

- Supporting Panjayat Union Primary and Middle Schools (Currently covering Kotagiri areas) with their needs, essentials, educational kits and student activities through Thoorigai Charitable Trust. - Giving Online Employability Training to disadvantaged Students/Professionals through Freedom Employability Academy NGO

- Taking Free of Cost other Classroom and Online Career Guidance Program for Students stranded with career goals..

My interests are around any initiatives related to standing by disadvantaged persons in terms of getting proper educational support or training with the little I have learnt during my progress in life.

Feel free to dm me for more interactions and any possible further collaboration for the educational betterment.

Nitin JBS

Nitin JBS

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