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About Clean Coonoor Clean Coonoor is a Registered Charitable Public Trust which believes that the role of any Non Governmental Organisation, is to reach out into areas where the government machinery cannot. We believe in providing support to the District Administration and the Local Body concerned, to keep the Town of Coonoor and its surroundings clean and hygienic. Our activities do not stop with this alone, we as well hold awareness programmes on subjects such as the ill-effects of, littering, indiscriminate plastic usage, and such. We at Clean Coonoor also try and instil among residents and tourists alike, a sense of responsibility and pride in the town, through periodical heritage and nature walks, discourses, lectures, & such. Eco-restoration, revival and restoration of heritage buildings, promotion of art and culture, are some of our other activities. It all began post-Diwali of 2014, when a concerned citizen, on noticing the quantity of litter left behind by irresponsible tourists, roped in a few acquaintances to help clear up the mess. Encouraged by the success the group which quickly grew in numbers started regular cleanup activities in and around the township of Coonoor, and later went on to become a registered trust on 29 April 2019. Realising that cleanups alone were not enough to address the huge problem of littering, the organisation decided to tackle the issue at its root, preventing littering by promoting awareness. This it does by trying to instil a feeling of pride in the township, a sense of responsibility, in the minds of the resident and tourist alike ; through heritage and nature walks, symposia, and other such activities in addition to regular cleanups. At the behest of the district administration, volunteers of Clean Coonoor have also started clearing up the blocked culverts and clogged-up drains of the town. A total number of twelve such culverts have been identified of which ten have been cleaned.

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