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Budding Scientists at Work... Crescent School Ooty...


With a lot of buzzy and activity Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, the silver jubilee service exhibition became a reality.

Our chief guest, MRS PRIYA DHARSHINI, District Revenue Officer arrived at 10.30 to a routing welcome and inaugurated the mega-events.

Felicitation on Crescent Castle completing 25years.

Congratulations to the crescent family, Teachers, parents, and students.

With renewal, dedication and commitment crescent will continue to plant milestones on the highway to success for the good of society and the glory of the school.

The first exhibit was reliving India’s historical moment, where the first private rocket was launched on Friday, 18th November, VIKRAM S

The crescentians in their special way, had a space station and a symbolic rocket launch.

The chief guest was escorted to the Junior classes and then moved by to the senior.

The exhibition had many working models and the students enthusiastically and convincingly explained the theory behind them.

The whole exhibition was very colorful, meaningful, and informative.

The enthusiastic children took a keen interest in showcasing their talent to the parents and well-wishers.

The exhibition closed on a happy note of achievement and success.

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