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Stop Violence against Women...... International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women.......

Women's chains have been Produced by Men.....,

Not by life structures....

Stop Violence on Women......

Violence against women is described as 'the most pervasive human rights challenge in the world today’. On November 25th, 2022, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Gallery OneTwo invites all women and girls to take control through performative action. We invite you to a collaborative art project ‘THE TOWER’, curated by New York based artist, ANINDITA DUTTA. Bring your old clothes that hold a memory or simply bear the truth in absolute silence. Tie your clothes at the gallery into a rope that will be wrapped around the gallery to create ‘THE TOWER’ of resilience, resistance and resolve. Through this ritual we will express our unity and demand change. Blurring the lines between activism and art, this project is an examination of the epidemic of violence against women. This socially engaged art project will act as a communal vehicle for advocacy, intervention, and healing. The site of a once abandoned public toilet, the installation will give its female participants space to discuss gender-related struggles. This project will also feature talks from a feminist perspective. These clothes will then be used by our participating artist and curator to create sculptures that will be exhibited. Although this project highlights violence and victimhood, the artwork that is ultimately created from the clothes that are tied together in unity, will show how powerful and potent women are.

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