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6th Mile Ooty

Scenic viewpoints are everywhere to drench yourself in the panoramic views of the landscape. 6th Mile Ooty is one such tourist spot.

Where is 6th Mile Ooty? It is 6 miles (or about 10 km) away from Ooty. It is a part of the Wenlock Downs and numerous Indian movie shootings have taken place over the years. The area is surrounded by dense Shola forests, and those form a stunning backdrop for these extensive lush green grasslands.

6th Mile Shooting Spot Ooty is relaxing, and it’s a pleasant space allowing you an escape from the chaotic hustle and bustle of city life. Even the drive towards 6th Mile has a calming effect. So, pack your bags and don’t forget to check this serene landscape during your Ooty trip.

Surrounded by the Shola forest, the location of 6th Mile Ooty offers a perfect opportunity for some quick but spectacular photographs of the valley. Settle down your bags, pull out your camera and let the lens capture the greenery around, with the Nilgiris standing tall at a distance.

Living nearby 6th Mile are the members of the ethnic Toda tribe. You can recognise their iconic barrel-shaped munds even from a distance. Made up of bamboo and grass, the striking feature of these huts is the small door. You will have to crawl through to enter or exit. Also, Toda munds don’t have any windows

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