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Avalanche is a reserve forest area, about 30km from Ooty. Avalanche is renowned for avalanche lake and Avalanche sanctuary. The Avalanche lake is one of the best tourist attraction in Ooty. The Avalanche dam is also called as Canada Dam because Cand funded it. The lake is fully surrounded by blooming flowers which give a delight to your eyes. It is near to the Emerald lake. The Avalanche lake is also one among the major source water supply for the Kundah Hydro Power stations.

Trout fishing is allowed in the avalanche lake. Fishing rods and Fishing accessories required for the fishing is available on the trout hatchery which is nearby. The avalanche sanctuary is fully surrounded by the dense forest and you can enjoy the beauty of nature and can have a peaceful and blissful trip.

Its takes 1 hr drive from Ooty bus stand to avalache lake, one direct bus facility available to reach avalanche check post. bus is twice per day. cant depend on the bus for sightseeing in avalanche. have to depends only on private cabs or own vechile.

If planning in a Own vedchile, its 35 km from Ooty Bus Stand, roads are ooty till the place called Lawrence after that there is small humb and down to reach the checkpost, park your vevhile on your own risk in the check post for atleast 3 hrs.

Ooty to Upper Bhavani Lake Distance is 35 km, almost 3 hrs drive, no private vechiles are allowed to upperbhavani, you can drive only uptoavalache check post after that govenementvechile will take insdie the upperbhavani lake to sightseeing

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