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Ooty honeymoon boat house

Started around mid of 2004 and it is the most and best suitable place for newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon trip. Kashmiri shikhara Boat ride is the special boat ride in this spot. There is a paved walkway in the lake, which is very scenic and beautiful. So, don't forget to walk on the pavement and take snaps to enjoy the nature beauty at its best.

Ooty Honeymoon boat house, the best place for honeymoon couples to spend memorable moments in Ooty, Long paved walkway surrounded with green tree and lake, The best place to be with loved ones to spend more time with the less crowded area, Sure it is a safe and secure place for couples. Must visit place for honeymoon couples.

It’s time to soothe your eyes with the everlasting beauty of Ooty at the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House. Nestled opposite the main boat house, the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House is a perfect place for tourists to hang out and spend leisure evenings in Ooty.

A must-visit destination for honeymooners and couples looking to rekindle their romance, the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House offers a pleasant atmosphere along with the calmness and serenity. It is an exotic destination to relax and rejuvenate and has everything that you need to make your Ooty tour a memorable one. Unlike the other places in Ooty, it is relatively less crowded.

Take a short stroll on the pathway with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. Enjoy the boat ride to bring some excitement to your trip. Go for shopping at various shops around and get some souvenirs back home.

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